Removable Battery. Too Easy.

The HK has an easy-to-remove and carry Lithium Battery to make charging easier. Park wherever you need to, and bring the battery with you to charge.

No motorcycle license required.

Get across town easier and quieter and have fun since you won't be the one sitting in traffic.

More Range. Less Worry.

Get over 70km of range on a single charge with the Lima HK. More than enough for your daily commute with enough juice left for a quick side track to your favourite hang-out spot.

Features & Benefits

Enough Get Up and Go.

45km/h Top Speed with 70km Range. Perfect speed and range for getting around the city, or your commute to work.

Removable Battery

Easy to carry removable lithium battery, located under the footplate. You don't have to worry where you park or if an outlet is nearby.

Easy & Cheap To Run.

Plug the Lima into a normal NZ 3 Pin outlet to charge it up. 6 Hours for a full charge from empty that will cost less than 50c to charge.

No Worries. Enjoy the Ride.

With Minimal to no maintenance required to keep it running and being electric there are no emissions. Enjoy the whisper quiet motor.

Fantastic Security Features.

Remote Unlock/Lock with a built in immobiliser/Alarm, be confident your Lima will be where you left it.

Smooth Ride. Stop Safe.

Disc brake at the front and rear, you are well prepared for stopping when needed.

Hydraulic suspension front & rear provides a nice smooth ride as you cruise along the road.

Perfect Daily Companion.

Large under seat storage to keep your bags, food or drinks.

  • Demos Available

    Visit one of our exclusive dealers to test ride a Lima today!

    Can be ridden on a learner car license.

  • Amazing Price

    Talk to your nearest dealer to discuss pricing for your new Lima Scooter.

    They are ready to hear from you.

  • 1 Year Warranty

    We have you covered with a full 1 year warranty on any Lima scooter.

    Terms & Conditions Apply.